Robert Forde

photo of Robert Forde

Cork man Robert Forde was 35 years of age when he joined the Terra Nova as Petty Officer on May 30th 1910.

He had served on the sea with his fellow Cork man, Patrick Keohane on a number of previous occasions between 1900 and 1906 aboard the Amphion, Emerald and Vivid. Man hauling for ten hours a day, Forde worked with tireless energy in an epic team effort to establish Scott’s ‘Corner Camp’ 35 miles from Cape Evans.

In September 1912 Evans, Forde and Gran were sent on a perilous mission to re-mark and dig out Corner Camp in temperatures of minus 58 degrees Celsius. Forde suffered severe frostbite to the hands and was forced to return home to Cork.

Mount Forde, a monumental peak of over 1,200 metres at the head of the Hunt Glacier was named in his honour. | terms & conditions | text-only | what is RSS? | photos | videos | Bloggers Login © 2016 Beyond Endurance, Pat Falvey - built by Hiddenloop & Niall Foley